FFCS Fall Semester 2013~14 - Registration


  1. Before starting your registration, the Curriculum applicable to your Programme-year and course flow chart may be kept in hand. If needed, Programme Chair may be contacted for help in selecting the courses.
  2. Using the link available under ‘Spotlight’, students can see the list of courses offered during Fall 2013-14 semester and number of vacant seats available in each course. The file will be updated periodically.
  3. Courses offered under ‘Project Based Learning’ are indicated as ‘PBL’ courses.
  4. A minimum of 16 credits and a maximum of 27 credits (including backlog/ re-registration/ minor/ honor/ audit/ course substitution/ Double Major/ Additional Courses) can be registered. Final year students are exempted from the minimum credit requirements.
  5. Students who have exhausted their one arrear chance in a course (or) having an arrear course that is not cleared in one year period, have to compulsorily re-register their arrear course(s) first (if that course if currently offered), before registering ‘fresh’ courses, for the balance credits. Option of ‘Delete’ within the compulsorily re-registered courses is made available. However, if such a course is deleted, all registered courses other than compulsorily re-registered courses will also be deleted.
  6. Students having 5 or more arrears can register for a maximum of 23 credits only.
  7. Courses having <15 registrations (or) <25% of class strength, will not be offered and hence will be removed before the Add/Drop opens. They will be indicated in the registration as ‘Subject to Offering’. Students have to register into some other required courses during the Add/Drop, by deleting those courses indicated as ‘Subject to Offering’.
  8. Students who have completed certain percentage of their credit requirements can register their 20/10 credit project also. Subsequent to Project Registration, contact the project guide for online approval. If the approval status is NOT changed to “Registered & Approved by faculty”, you need to select another faculty through the online registration process made available during Add/Drop.
  9. Subsequent to closing of Fall 2013-14 Semester Course registration, students will not be permitted to register courses on any reason for the Fall 2013-14 semester. For those who missed the Registration, Fall 2013-14 Semester will be treated as 'Discontinuation of Programme' and their studentship is liable to be cancelled.
  10. Scheduled students can register between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm. After 09:00 pm until next day 07:00 am, students of the day can add/ modify their registrations.
  11. From 11th to 17th July 2013, Add/Drop is available on 'First-come, first-served' basis. It is compulsory for all students to check their registrations during Add/ Drop. Additional course(s)/ slot(s)/ seat(s) may be made available depending on resource availability. Students registered into courses indicated as ‘Course in this slot not offered’ should delete them and if needed may register into any other required course(s). All such registrations, if not deleted by students during Add/ Drop, will be ‘Deleted’ from the Fall Registration after the close of Add/ Drop. Hence all students are advised to attend Add/Drop process to know their course confirmation status.
  12. Fee for Re-/Additional registration should be paid on or before 19th July 2013 (Friday) and receipt to be submitted at Academics Office on or before 05:00 pm of 22nd July 2013 (Monday). Courses registered but fee not paid will be removed from the Registration subsequently. Fee receipts will NOT be accepted after 22nd July 2013 (Monday).
  13. Fee receipts can be printed any time with the ‘Print Fee Receipt’ option available in the ‘Timetable’ screen and also at the top menu of ‘Registration Home Page’.
  14. Under unavoidable circumstances, there may be a change in faculty/ venue. All efforts will be taken to keep such changes to a bare minimum level.
  15. To keep the session alive, refresh the browser once in 3 minutes. To “re-login”, properly “Log Out” before closing the browser.
  16. An error message "Service Unavailable" indicates that server has reached its maximum limit of users and hence please try login after some time.

I have read the above Instructions/ Conditions and ready to proceed for Course Registration.

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